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Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt DVD
Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt

Kim’s Butt & Body Toning Techniques!

A quick paced workout formulated to have you squatting and lunging to a more beautiful backside in less than five days! This workout isolates and conditions all muscle groups of the butt, hips, legs, arms and midsection while burning 100s of calories.

Warm up with trainer Jen Galardi as she guides Kim through key visualization techniques that introduces your body to interval training. Jen also includes a “No Cheat Check” to ensure proper form is maintained throughout the entire workout.

Kim’s first 15-minute workout focuses on:

She’ll kick it up a notch in the next 20-minutes workout, adding more movement and height before finishing with a series of stretches. Kim will stick with it as long as you do, while Jen demonstrates the advanced option for those ready to take it to the next level.

The no-excuse 5 minute Bonus Butt Blast “Tush Push” combines isometric contractions and holds with waist whittling crunches. Blast for five minutes to tone and tighten your backside- what better way to flaunt your curves and strut your stuff! It’s the perfect tune-up before a night out in your favorite denim.

It takes more than great genes to have a great butt, and this workout will have you feeling fabulous and ensure you’ll Fit In Your Jeans By Friday


Amazing Abs Body Sculpt DVD
Amazing Abs

Kim’s Curve Shaping Workout!

Love Your Curves! A beautiful booty is essential to looking great in your jeans. But what good is a drop-dead bottom without a great top? Amazing Abs Body Sculpt is an ab defining and calorie burning workout utilizing isolation techniques to tighten, tone and accentuate your curves.

Warm up with chest, arm, ab sculpting and key stretches to get your body prepped for a posture improving workout. Trainer Jen Galardi believes itall starts with your core, and extra emphasis on abs is exactly what every girl needs to feel confident and sexy.

Kim’s first workout focuses on your core, arms, hams and balance in a great cardio workout, while her second includes pushups and stair runners and teaches proper breathing techniques.

Get your sweat on with:

Finally, the “No Pooch Pull” hip lifts with plank holds make the bonus Ab Blast a tummy sleeking and posture improving must-do workout!

This workout will definitely help you Fit In Your Jeans By Friday!


Butt Blasting Cardio Step DVD
Butt Blasting Cardio Step

Kim’s Favorite Butt Toning Cardio Technique!

Get VIP Access to the in-depth step routine Kim uses to maintain her famous booty!

Confidence in yourself is the #1 avenue to looking great and feeling sexy, and if you embrace your body, curves and all, you know how important a fun and effective cardio workout is in maintaining your health and wellness.

Warm up to the basics: step touch, step tap , step knee, step straddle, and step pulse. These basic steps will get you started for a series of heart pumping choreography that doesn’t even feel like working out!

Kim’s first workout contains unique Cha Cha Cha and Mambo moves, leading into a second workout that will have your heart rate pumping and your legs looking delicious. The final workout is a non-stop interval that just won’t quit, leading into a bonus workout where you can add your own personal style, challenging yourself while putting all three workouts together.

Kim’s Butt Blasting Cardio Step is fun, sexy and 100% Kim!


"Like most step routines, this Butt Blasting Cardio Step workout easily translates into a great low impact floor routine...so don't worry, even without a step, you can still take advantage of Kim's amazing workout."

- Patrick Goudeau, trainer